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General information
Name of the Organization
GenØk - Centre for Biosafety (previously Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology)
GenØk - Centre for Biosafety (previously Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology) (GenØk)
PB 6418
Science Park
Tromso, Tromso
Norway, 9294
Phone:+47 77 64 66 20
Fax:+47 77 64 61 00
Url:GenØk - Centre for Biosafety
Contact Information
Type of organization
  • Academic or research institute
Thematic areas
Gene Ecology, risk research, risk assessment, LMO detection, LMO characterization, Society and Ethics, Biosafety capacity building, General Biosafety
Geographical area(s) of Operations
  • Africa - Southern Africa
  • Americas - South America
  • Asia - Southern Asia
  • Europe - Northern Europe
Organization’s profile
GenØk - Centre for Biosafety was founded in 1998 and is a non-commercial foundation located in the research environment at the University of Tromsø and Forskningsparken (the Science Park). GenØk is engaged in research and teaching in the professional field Gene Ecology. The Foundation focuses in particular on the environmental and health related consequences of the application of gene technology and gene modifi cation. GenØk is also engaged in the broad dissemination of information and offers advisory and consulting services in its field of expertise.

The Institute has 45 employees. The majority work in Tromsø (Norway) but the Institute is also represented in Trondheim (Norway), Christchurch (New Zealand), Berkeley (USA), Nanjing (China), Lusaka (Zambia), Geneve (Switzerland) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
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Linked organizations
Third World Network (TWN)
131, Jalan Macalister
Malaysia, 10400
Phone:+60 4- 226 6728,+60 4 226 6159
Fax:+60 4 226 4505,+60 4 238 4676
Url:Third World Network (TWN)
University of Tromsø
Tromsø, Tromsø
Norway, NO- 9037
Phone:Katrine Jaklin - GenØk - +47 77 64 55 46,Bjørn Hermansen - University of Tromsø - +47 77 64 53 63,+47 77 64 40 00
Fax:+47 77 64 49 00
Url:University of Tromsø
Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Phone:+55 48 37215336
Contact person
Ms. Katrine Jaklin
Project Manager / Adviser
Biosafety Capacity-Building Programme
GenØk - Centre for Biosafety (GenØk)
Forskningsparken i Breivika PB 6418
9294 Tromsø
Phone:+47 77 64 55 46; +47 98 25 53 09
Fax:+47 77 64 61 00
Url:GenØk - Centre for Biosafety
Dr. Lise Nordgaard
Scientist/Advisory Manager
Genøk - Centre for Biosafety (GENØK)
PB 6418
Tromsø, Tromsø
Norway, 9294
Url:GenØk - Centre for Biosafety,GenØk - Dr. Nordgaard
Dr. Odd-Gunnar Wikmark
Scientist/Program Coordinator
GenØk -Centre for Biosafety
PB 6418
Tromsø, Troms
Norway, 9294
Phone:+47 77 64 66 34
Fax:+47 77 64 61 00
Url:GenØk - Dr. Wikmark
Laboratory for detection and identification of LMOs
Is this organization a laboratory or does it include a laboratory for the detection/ identification of LMOs?
Services and activities performed
  • Field sampling
  • Field testing
  • Development of standard methods
  • Supply of reference materials
  • Validation of third parties’ results and methods
  • Capacity-building or training
Collaborative agreements
Third world Network
University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
North-West University, South Africa
Type of detection/ identification method(s) available for use in the laboratory
  • DNA based
  • Metabolites
  • Protein based
  • RNA based
Types of LMOs
  • Bacteria
  • Plants
  • Viruses
LMO(s) detectable by the laboratory
MON-ØØ81Ø-6 - YieldGard™ maize
Resistance to diseases and pests - Insects - Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)
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Additional Information
Additional Information
GenØk - Centre for Biosafety was formerly called Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology.

GenØk has been carrying out capacity building projects related to gene technology and gene modification in developing countries since 2003. In additional to the annual course in biosafety, we have also organised two regional courses, one credit-giving online course in biosafety (at the University of Tromsø), and published a book called Biosafety First with contributions from over 20 international biosafety experts:

Biosafety First (2007) Traavik, T. and Lim, L.C. (eds.), Tapir Academic Publishers